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A helpful blog entry from Brevity’s managing editor Sarah Einstein. Sarah will be talking about rejection, acceptance, and writing as part of the panel “Getting Short-Form Nonfiction to Readers: A Publication Panel” on the Friday morning of AWP Seattle:

Every couple of weeks, a writer-friend sends me an email or a Facebook message with the text of a rejection letter in it, asking me to help them decode it. Most often, they want me to help them figure out how close they got to being published, which is an impossible task. I couldn’t even tell you that if it was a submission to Brevity… ultimately, either we took the piece or we didn’t. We do have tiered rejection letters. If you got our “close but not cigar” rejection, you should probably turn around and submit that…

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Getting started with “Getting Things Done” | 43 Folders

So, Getting Things Done has been around for awhile but I haven’t come across it, for one thing, I just don’t have a cushy job in which it would be spoken about. Sometimes you really just need a kick to get it all together. In any case, here’s a link that is very good about Getting Things Done the theories and so on. It may be a bit contrived, I’m guessing, but I’m sure it can be broken down more simply.

Getting started with "Getting Things Done" | 43 Folders.