Some grief tips, my own experience is this:  people will tell you not to dwell on it.   I say:  dwell on it as long as it takes but make a plan to let it not takeover in time.  Try not to alienate others who are unfamiliar with the kind of grief you are suffering and go online to find others who are having the same loss and read about their stories so you won’t feel alone.  I’m lucky in so many instances.  Other than many idiot moves I’ve made; however I’ve found the best way to deal with my grief is to absorb myself in reading books and meeting with other people and using my anger in sometimes very selfish ways.  There are so many wonderful websites that deal with topics that could interest you; for example for me I’ve found an interest in hiking and unusual plants and international recipes.

So, fortunately for me I’ve learned some skills that help me to survive in a material world where food and shelter are the main ingredients for survival.   Thus I highly recommend learning to type, and learning to use a computer.  Go out there and socialize and don’t ever be shy about it, because people will help you and you need their help.  The other thing that I’ve liked lately is the saying “challenge yourself” which I think is another way to resolve living within any misery you might have or may have been brought upon you.

There’s also the incredible effect of flipping the birds.  You have 2 middle fingers.  Someone showed me that was how she coped.  I’m really happy to know the sense of power that can be obtained from the double flipping of birds.




3 thoughts on “Grief

  1. This is the way it’s done (t-.-t)………….lol
    My daughter taught me that one. Of course I’ve never had the inclination to use it in the blog-os-phere, but it’s nice to know anyway.
    Thanks for the re-blog!

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