Collecting articles

I regularly collect articles.  So much that some of the articles, pictures, and videos I’ve just kept over the years and not even reviewed.  Pinterest is my number one site to collect articles.   I have too many boards and pins, but they are influential in art, writing, fashion, and cooking.   I can’t imagine being an artist or writer and not having Pinterest as a resource to look at others work in the same field, tools and techniques.   A writer can use a board to depict their character’s interests and even keep that as a separate board.  Sort by genre or a type of character like a villain, articles, pictures and so on.    So, most important you can categorize.  Pocket is where you might sort out articles to read later much like Pinterest because things can be depicted like a board.  You can also view by tag.  You can filter the type of media you want to see – for example if you want to see a video only.   I’m only just now getting to understand how it works.  Instapaper is really good because you can categorize by adding folders.  I like to steal categories from a publication.  Stuff to play with and to grow around.   Sites like these are found by doing a search with that “Sites like….” and there ya go.


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