So, I’m thinking of going lo-fi journal with a cloth bound marble notebook in which tools are probably going to be limited to pen.  I don’t have handmade book skills, and I think that it would be a mess to try to kill the binding of a cloth bound notebook and rebind it if necessary.   But the deal is this:  i want to go outside and appreciate nature and learn to draw it (botanical illustration) and because my primary interest is in writing, the lined notebook might interfere with the drawing so I could presumably hack off a page, if necessary, and take an unlined 3×5 and insert a drawing with staples or tape, envelopes. I don’t think the lines of the lined notebook are going to bother me, in fact, I kind of like them because they are very much something that someone in childhood would be doing if they were not paying attention in class.  I never doodled in class except for a stick figure or stick house.  I did doodle long hair.  copying stuff from “Wreck this Journal” or “Listopia” or “Dream Journal”, if I find something that excites.  My theme will be randomness, so there will be no theme, unless some theme emerges that interests me.  I haven’t had success with keeping journals or diaries but this is something that I want to navel gaze and so on all over.  All relevant to other work I might undertake.  I like the concept of doodling.


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