Law of Attraction

I’ve read criticisms of the “Law of Attraction” and tend to believe “Law of Attraction” followers are a bunch of right wing white ammosexual backwards idiots who read the buybull.  One of the things they say is always be positive which is the “We live in the best of all possible worlds” Voltaire’s Candide optimism crap antagonistic to the idea that we should question authority and believes that ‘to complain’ is pretty much sacrilege and should be condemned as counterproductive.  Complaining is listening to one’s heart a sort of mental orgasm that should not be blocked otherwise you will make yourself sick and are effectively lying to yourself.  Technically, if someone says “I’m fine” you should move on from them because they are probably lying.  Maybe you should do the exact opposite of what the “Law of Attraction” entails and then you will find the real people, the critics who are looking at things without those rose colored glasses.


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