50 Ways To Make Eating Ramen Noodles Less Depressing

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Found on AskReddit.


If you’re looking for a very simple way to make ramen extraordinary, go with Parmesan cheese.


Peanut butter. Preferably the chunky kind. Makes it a little Thai. Also sriracha, and an egg or two.


Sriracha, chive, and an egg.


Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.


Dashi broth with miso and chopped green onions. Maybe throw some tofu in there.


I personally add either a hard boiled egg or a poached egg, basil, lemon juice, some diced chicken, red pepper flakes, and some pepper. You don’t need to add salt; the packaged flavoring is all the salt you need.


Miso paste, instead of the crap flavoring it comes with. Also some veggies like beansprouts, Chinese greens, etc. And wakame (seaweed).


Ragu. Make cheap spaghetti.


Peanut butter and rice vinegar, soy sauce, sriracha. Trust me.


Tuna. It’s…

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